60 sec with Capitano Juliano

Natasha, 15 Jan 16
things to do in Christchurch - 60 sec with Capitano Juliano

He's our most raved about skipper on Tripadvisor, knows the history and wildlife of Akaroa harbour like no other....and is generally an all round amazing guy! We took 60 seconds to find out a little more about Akaroa's top skipper to find out what really floats his boat....... (and if 60 seconds just isn't enough you can watch Julian's 114 second video here) What is your name and what is your role at Black Cat Cruises... Capitano Juliano - Black Cat skipper Where is your role based? Akaroa Harbour What three words would you use to sum up Akaroa/Lyttleton... Picturesque, charming, unique What three words would your friends use to sum you up... Funny, Optimistic, Positive... Tell us a secret or something unique about you... I fly gliders What did your dream you would do when you grew up and why... Fly aeroplanes because I love flying Why did you want to work for Black Cat Cruises... I love boating and nature What do you love the most about your job... The scenery and the wildlife What is different about Black Cat to any other place you've worked... Spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife What do you most value, and most enjoy, about working here... Good team and a beautiful place Describe one of your best days here... Today, having two young orca playing with a group of Hectors Dolphins

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