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Afternoon trip out with @ecoseaker to look at the harbour and wildlife and of course the Hectors Dolphin. Trip did not disappoint, the waters are a beautiful colour and the harbour is stunning in its natural form. There is a peacefulness that lacks the hustle and bustle of other harbors. Steve the owner of EcoSeaker has a wealth of knowledge of the area, which is not surprising as he is 5th generation here in Akaroa and his family’s contribution towards conservation is outstanding. His enthusiasm for the area and all the wildlife is what makes this trip. While the dolphins are on the top of most people’s list and not to take away from the wee Hectors dolphins who are absolutely adorable, the harbour boasts a ton of other wildlife as well as the scenery. We were lucky enough to see a lone albatross, pengiun, and fur seals as well as a stunning sky that photos show no justice to. The Hectors dolphins are inquisitive and a pleasure to watch in their natural environment. First seeing their little rounded black dorsal fin coming out of the water and then approaching the boat and popping up to have a look, their small size takes your breath away as so used to seeing bigger dolphins, these wee things are certainly unique in so many ways. What an absolute loss and let down to these mammals if we don’t as a country get behind them to have more areas protected for them purely for their survival which depends solely on us. As for all wildlife they have no voice and it’s up to us to use ours for them🐬. . . Still sorting through all my photos but will be more up over the next few days so meanwhile enjoy this short but sweet video🐬 (📸: @missdsheehan )

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