bankspeninsula coast canterbury christchurch...

Instagram, 13 Jun 13
Christchurch attractions - bankspeninsula coast canterbury christchurch...

#bankspeninsula #coast #canterbury #christchurch #newzealand #nz #kiwipics

by Kieran Steele on Instagram

  • Lynda Steele
    Lynda Steele over 6 years ago
    Awesome photo Kieran
  • Wendy Johnson
    Wendy Johnson over 6 years ago
    Great photo, good luck Kieran.
  • Joy Levis
    Joy Levis over 6 years ago
    beautiful photo Kieran....Joy, Devon UK.
  • Debra Duke
    Debra Duke over 6 years ago
    Fantastic colours. A winner!
  • Lane Steele
    Lane Steele over 6 years ago
    Get a perm
  • Alison Chamberlain
    Alison Chamberlain over 6 years ago
    Beautiful.well done Kieran
  • Andy Gardner
    Andy Gardner over 6 years ago
    Great shot, captures the scene beautifully
  • Leanne Tullis
    Leanne Tullis about 6 years ago
    Thanks for sharing such an awesome photo, can't wait to see it in person!