Lydia Uddstrom

Dolphin Dreams

Lydia Uddstrom, 11 Jan 13
Akaroa activities - Dolphin Dreams

I can not think of anything better to do in Akaroa than going out to meet the worlds smallest and rarest marine dolphin with a company as passionate about their wellbeing as I am. Thank you for a dream come true Blackcat!

  • Delaney Kelly
    Delaney Kelly about 7 years ago
    if dolphins could vote, lydia would win.
  • Penny Gwen
    Penny Gwen about 7 years ago
    Up close and so personal...
  • Cheryl Wilson
    Cheryl Wilson about 7 years ago
    Beautiful photo :)
  • Shelley Smart
    Shelley Smart about 7 years ago
    Great photo Lydia
  • Debbie Reed
    Debbie Reed about 7 years ago
    Fantastic! :)
  • Ria Migaloo
    Ria Migaloo about 7 years ago
  • Lin Wenn
    Lin Wenn about 7 years ago
    Go Lydia!
  • Lori Sirianni
    Lori Sirianni about 7 years ago
    Wonderful photo, just like being there!
  • Debbie Blalock
    Debbie Blalock about 7 years ago
    Wow! I feel like I'm in the water with them. Great photo.
  • Amy Taylor
    Amy Taylor about 7 years ago
    Love those little guys :)
  • Chantal Vanderlinden
    Chantal Vanderlinden about 7 years ago
  • Robin Murphy
    Robin Murphy about 7 years ago
    Beautiful photo!
  • Missy Lynn
    Missy Lynn about 7 years ago
    Gorgeous! So nice to see them swimming free!
  • Linda Gideon-Robinson
    Linda Gideon-Robinson about 7 years ago
    <3 Hector's Dolphins. Thank you Lydia for this gorgeous pic!
  • Camilla Eriksson
    Camilla Eriksson almost 7 years ago
    As always amazing photos, Hectors dolphins would love to see them in the wild, voting for you every day and fingers crossed for you :)