Jono Manning - Luminis Photography, 1 Dec 17
Christchurch attractions - Priorities
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The view is looking south-west just prior to sunset into Governors Bay (with the long jetty) and Teddington at the head of Lyttelton Harbour/Whakaraupo (partly obscured). The harbour itself is the remains of an extinct volcano and not only includes the Port of Lyttelton, but is also the gateway to the playground that is Banks Peninsula. The peninsula is littered with bays of every kind facing almost every direction. Swimming bays, surf bays and fishing bays. There is something for everyone and these bays are the getaway for many Christchurch people summer or winter while there are walkways, a few huts and plenty of tramps or day walks with stunning views to boot. I don't normally include human subjects in my panoramas, but sometimes you don't have any choice! What was both interesting and amusing about this image is they they two young men were saluting the view and the sunset in the soft evening light, while the young woman only had eyes for her man... 12 shot panorama in portrait orientation. SLT-A99V. Tamron 24-70mm @ 70mm. Each exposure ISO400, f/8.0, 1/250sec. Initially processed in Camera RAW, Then stitched in Photoshop, processed in Lightroom CC and then final adjustments in Photoshop CC.

Flickr by Jono Manning - Luminis Photography on Flickr