This Must Be Underwater Love

Natasha, 21 Dec 15
things to do in Christchurch - This Must Be Underwater Love

Black Cat Cruises is the only company in the world that I have taken a day off as holiday to work! Well I mean when your company is an eco-toursim operator that offers world class dolphin cruise's and swimming in the wild with the world's samllest rarest dolphins set in an extinct volcainc crater...wouldn't you? I've told friends and colleagues this before much to their amusement and understanding...and it seems it's not just me at Black Cat that does this. Last week our dolphin swim skipper Julian arrived at work extra early to join our early morning Swimming WIth Dolphins trip as a guest. He bought along his GoPro to snap some pictures as he knows first hand how many awesome pictures our photographers and guests can get when out on the water with us. Julian managed to snap a lot of his pictures underwater and they are pretty darn good we thought we'd give you a little sneak peak at them.....we hope you enjoy them and if you do leave Julian a little comment below :) The Hector's dolphins are one of the most playful and enquisitive oceanic species of dolphin Here's looking at you... Bathing in sunlight just below the surface as a swimmer looks on from the right hand corner. Typically Hector's swim in pods of between 2 - 12 however can come together to group in 100 at any one time The have distinct white bellies (similar to that of an orca).... and black rounded dorsal fins that remind us of a Mickey Mouse ear. Can you spot the second dolphin in this image? Julian making the most of his day before heading to work...on the boat in the background :) You can see just how close a Hector's Dolphin can swim up to you in this picture as it cruises past a swimmer who is treading water. As one of New Zealand's first ever eco-tourism operators and a certified SMART and DOC approved operator we ensure that our staff educate our guests on how to behave when encountering the dolphins in the wild. We do not track, feed, chase and touch them. We allow them to come to us on their terms and in their time. Its part of the magic of being allowed into their world and experiencing something extremeley special and unique. Dolphins, just like us humans, need air to breathe, The biggest threat to their species population is getting caught in fishing nets. We donate a portion from every dolphin swim and nature cruise towards the education and research of Hector's dolphins to help save them from extinction. The image below is possibly one of our favourite shots. Taken just below the surface of the ocean you can see by the bend in the Hector's dolphins tail that it's about to take a dive...

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