Tim Robinson

Time to go home

Tim Robinson, 19 Jan 13
Akaroa activities - Time to go home

After walking, exploring, swimming and picnicking, by the time we got back to the ferry, our two were tuckered out. The crew even lifted them aboard for us, still asleep in their seats.

  • Penny Robinson
    Penny Robinson about 7 years ago
    We liked our visit to quail island years ago. We loved that it wore the wee ones out. Apt title.
  • Victoria MacLennan
    Victoria MacLennan almost 7 years ago
    The boys do look out to the count. Nice photo Tim.
  • Penny Robinson
    Penny Robinson almost 7 years ago
    makes me smile every time I look at it.
  • Narelle de Frere
    Narelle de Frere almost 7 years ago
    Amos loved the beach, he's bringing some home on his feet
  • Sue Duffy
    Sue Duffy almost 7 years ago
    Great photo, well done and good luck!