Trisha Stewart

"who's idea was this?? "

Trisha Stewart, 2 Feb 14
Akaroa - "who's idea was this?? "

We never really get a whole day together with our children due to our busy lives and running K9 Rescue and rehoming. But decided its the last day of the school holidays - family day!!! We managed to run, slide, and fly down the prickle hill to walkers beach, and couldn't stop laughing at the end when all 4 of us were cover in prickles head to toe!!! Pictured here is our 2 childrens feet Zakari - 7 years and Jordan 12 years. We had a fantastic day - highlight for our childrens holidays!!

  • Dairne Woods
    Dairne Woods about 6 years ago
    Hope you have a foot spa to use tonight! xx
  • Kelly Shackleton
    Kelly Shackleton about 6 years ago
    Glad you had a lovely family day :-)